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 Tranzfar launches The Freedom Account in Nigeria

Tranzfar launches The Freedom Account in Nigeria


Tranzfar, an international payment solution provider focused on cross-border money transfers from the United Kingdom, United States, 27 EU countries, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya has recently launched its latest innovative product ‘The Freedom bank Account’ in Nigeria.

The Freedom Account allows customers in Nigeria to open and manage their own United Kingdom foreign account for instant payments across UK bank accounts.

In his opening speech, the Chairman Tranzfar, Mr. Bankole Eniola said that the Freedom account was carefully designed to give people in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya the opportunity to bank globally in over 30 countries where Tranzfar currently have footprint.

Bankole further added that ‘Tranzfar is about making payment seamless across the globe and aspiring to become the world’s leading African financial technology platform, providing innovative digital financial products on behalf of the African diaspora communities and users across the globe.’

The Chief Executive Officer of Tranzfar, Mr. Ryan Romeo added that ‘Tranzfar is dedicated to ameliorating the challenges a lot of the Africans in diaspora and those within Africa face daily financially. Within the diaspora itself, a lot of Africans suffer limited financial accessibility and limited access to basic financial amenities. The introduction of Freedom Bank Account will guarantee a seamless payment of overseas bills, utilities and obligations.

L-R Chief Financial Officer, Tranzfar, Dr. Olusiji Sanya; Chairman, Tranzfar, Mr. Bankole Eniola and Chief Executive Officer, Tranzfar, Ryan Romeo during the launch of Freedom Account by Tranzfar in Lagos, recently.

Beyond that within the continent itself, there is volatile exchange rate that leads to a big and enlarged devaluation of people’s wealth. Tranzfar is trying to bring Africans in diaspora back into the fold and give them the financial access that they are currently deprived of.

The Freedom Account gives the opportunity for increased financial participation for those within African and Africans in diaspora.’

The Chief Financial Officer of Tranzfar, Dr. Olusiji Sanya added that, Tranzfar is committed to fostering a potent link between Africa and the rest of the world through trustworthy financial solutions and remains committed to the development of the Nigerian financial society through fast, easy, and reliable services.

With the launch of the ‘Freedom Bank Account’, Nigerians can be rest assured of the promise of Top-notch service delivery and a financial platform they can rely on each time they need to and on whatever channel they choose whether it be our mobile App or website.’

The Freedom Account will give Nigerians at home and in diaspora the financial freedom through the ease of making payments in countries where Tranzfar operates.

Tranzfar is also regulated by the different financial regulatory bodies in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and other countries where they operate to ensure conformity and safety of customer funds.

Thus, they are committed to providing innovative, seamless, and safe payment solutions at all times especially to those within the African continent.

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