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 Expert advocates safety measures to prevent elevator mishap

Expert advocates safety measures to prevent elevator mishap


As part of the safety measures for large apartment and commercial buildings, PPC Limited, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure development company, has advised facility managers of high-rise buildings to commit to regular maintenance of elevators to prevent safety hazards.

While commenting on health and safety in the building industry, the Head of Building Services Engineering of the company, Mr Anand Kumar, said it was important for residents of high-rise commercial and residential buildings as well as guests to feel safe and secure when using elevators.

According to him, good maintenance prevents excessive wear and tear of the elevators while ensuring continued operation and reliability of the elevator as it moves across different floors.

He said incidents of trappings of people and injuries in malfunctioning elevators could be avoided if the technicians were engaged to carry out appropriate maintenance and repairs.

According to him, facility managers need to include routine elevator maintenance as part of their property safety measures as they could become death traps if neglected.

Kumar said the need to enlighten facility managers on the need to maintain elevators in high rise buildings was driven by a series of scary moments people have encountered in elevator rides in the country.

He said, “When elevators break down, it causes anxiety to all users as movements will be affected, appointments will be missed and many events and plans may be cancelled. It becomes worse if people are trapped in the elevators as the scare can cause irreparable health issues.

“The safety of people using elevators is non-negotiable and this is why a good maintenance culture that guarantees continuous operation of elevators is key for sustained value delivery and to gain high market acceptance.

“Our qualified technicians understand the complex designs of modern elevators and are dedicated to ensuring high performance standards. Quality and efficiency are some of the principles that we pride ourselves on and this drives us to constantly engage with clients to deliver value that supports the lifestyle of their customers.”

PPC’s Building Services Engineering Division is keen on ensuring the operational efficiency of buildings through the deployment latest technological innovations that deliver premium safety and comfort levels with unmatched efficiency.

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