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Ericsson and AXIAN Telecom strengthen partnership at Mobile World Congress 2023

Ericsson and AXIAN Telecom strengthen partnership at Mobile World Congress 2023


The two companies announce the modernization of Telma Madagascar’s and Tigo Tanzania’s networks.

The modernization is set to increase network capacity and offer faster and more reliable connections across Madagascar and Tanzania.

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and AXIAN Telecom have strengthened their partnership at Mobile World Congress 2023, Barcelona, Spain.

The two companies announce a partnership for the modernization of AXIAN Telecom’s operations in Madagascar, Telma Madagascar’s radio access network (RAN), microwave transport infrastructure, and core networks.

Deploying future-proof solutions for 4G and 5G deployment from the Ericsson Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio will provide faster and more reliable mobile services throughout Madagascar while reducing network energy consumption and enhancing the 5G ecosystem.

The Ericsson Microwave portfolio is a key component in the modernization of Telma Madagascar’s network.

With its market-leading microwave family, MINI-LINK 6600, Ericsson will provide a cost-efficient and versatile solution for the mobile transport network.

The modernization also includes the expansion and upgrade of existing IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), virtual User Data Consolidation (UDC), virtual charging and virtual mediation.

The two companies also announce the launch of 5G and the modernization and expansion of the existing 4G network across Tanzania through AXIAN Telecom’s operations in the country, Tigo Tanzania.

5G is now launched in Dar Es Salaam, Dodoma, and Zanzibar and will be gradually rolled out across the country at strategic locations.

Ericsson is currently upgrading Tigo Tanzania’s existing 4G network with RAN products and microwave solutions (MINI-LINK 6000).

Leveraging the latest energy-efficient products from the 5G Ericsson Radio System portfolio, Tigo’s network is being expanded and upgraded to increase network capacity, providing the benefits of a fast and reliable connection.

In both Madagascar and Tanzania, AXIAN Telecom continues to roll out its Data4All strategy, providing the best quality network experience for consumers and businesses alike and aiming to reach 100% 4G coverage in those two countries in the near future.

Hassanein Hiridjee, Chairman of AXIAN Telecom says: “Strengthening our partnership with Ericsson is a step further in our commitment to providing top-notch network experiences across our markets.

Under our partnership, we will be boosting digitalization across Madagascar and Tanzania, increasing network capacities, and providing enhanced speeds to our customers.

We are looking forward to the deployment of more agile networks that will indeed bring about digital inclusion across Africa.

“Fadi Pharaon, President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa says:” We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with AXIAN Telecom by deploying latest network solutions jointly with Telma Madagascar and Tigo Tanzania.

We are also proud to witness the launch of 5G in Tanzania.

Our long-standing partnership will continue to flourish with our commitment to provide scalable and sustainable technologies to AXIAN Telecom to enhance user experiences and boost digitalization in its operating countries.”

The modernization also includes the implementation of the Ericsson Cognitive Software Portfolio while expanding coverage and speed to ensure fast data access across Madagascar and Tanzania.

Ericsson will optimize the networks by applying AI-powered technologies, evaluating future network demands through active monitoring and predictive forecasting, and meeting increasingly critical performance demands while elevating network performance and enhancing user experiences.

In order to stay ahead of rising demand for mobile broadband services, AXIAN Telecom is significantly investing in its network infrastructure aiming to increase access to broadband internet, improve the delivery of connected services and transform the daily lives of the communities it operates in.

Alimotu Shadiat

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