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FBRA Partners with UNIDO to TrainRecyclers and Manufacturers of Plastic in Abuja.

FBRA Partners with UNIDO to Train Recyclers and Manufacturers of Plastic in Abuja.


The Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA),in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO),helda seminar to raise awareness of the Promoting Sustainable Plastic Value Chains Through Circular Economy Practices for Recyclers
Project in Abuja.

The aim of this collaboration is to contribute to Nigeria’s inclusive and
sustainable industrial development and to reduce leakage of plastics into the environment.

The problem of plastic pollution has continued to growin tandem with the increase in the use plastics,necessitating the application of measures to help mitigate the problem by ensuring a circular economy.

One of such measures is the awareness raising seminar targeted towards
promoting circular economy principles and practices to ensure resource efficient production for plastic value chains in Nigeria.

Participants in the training included relevant stakeholders across the plastic value chain in Abuja and other states in northern Nigeria.

Also in attendance were representatives from FBRA’s member companies, Plastic Waste Value Players: Waste pickers, Collectors, Aggregators, Recyclers and Off takers. representatives from UNIDO, NESREA and the Federal Ministry of
Environment Were also present.

Amongst topics discussed during the technical sessions are Resource Efficient,Cleaner Production and its Benefits, Circular Economy,and Plastic Packaging. Nishio Nahomi,the UNIDO
Project Manager,emphasised the importance of Promoting Sustainable Plastic Value Chains Through Circular Economy Practices for Recyclers Project for Nigeria.

Recommendations include the demonstration of Circular Economy through Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP)assessments, adoption of innovative technology and partnership with pilot companies
committed to exploring Japanese improvement options.

Mr. Chukwudi Nwabuisiaku,Assistant Director, Plastics Waste Control at National Environmental
Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA),spoke on the need to adopt circularity
within the plastic value chain. He also reassured the participants of theNESREA’sunwavering
support for the success of the Promoting Sustainable Plastic Vaue Chains Through Circular Economy Practices for Recyclers project.

Participants expressed their appreciation of the training and the impact it would have on their businesses.

A representative of Boskel Nigeria Limited thanked FBRA for such an initiative and said he is eager to incorporate the new learnings in his

Rounding up the event, Victoria Uwadoka, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Lead for
Nestlé Nigeria Plc,a founding member company of FBRA,thanked everyone present and encouraged participants to continue to strive towards achieving the end goal which is plastics circularity. She also expressed the willingness of FBRA to continue to provide the support needed
to transit to this circular economy for plastics in Nigeria.

Alimotu Shadiat

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