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 Excitement, Anxiety, as Finalists in Bigi Sponsored Nigerian Idol Locked Horns for Winning Prize.                           

Excitement, Anxiety, as Finalists in Bigi Sponsored Nigerian Idol Locked Horns for Winning Prize.                           

.…As Show Ends on Sunday


As the popular musical reality platform, Nigerian Idol Season 8, powered by the Bigi carbonated soft drink of Rite Foods Limited, culminates in the finale on Sunday, July 16, the two finalists, Precious Mac and Victory Gbakara, that emerged from this week’s show had exhilarating performances with the hope of clinching the grand prize, thus holding the judges and audience enthralled on who will receive the highest vote as the crown Idol.

It was also a bitter-sweet moment for Quest, who after a thrilling act from the commencement of the show had to bow out, with encouragement from the judges, Obi Asika, D’banj, and Simi, to keep the musical spirit alive, as it is only a talented singer that can get to the top three slots of any contest. She had the lowest of the 22,000,000 (Twenty-two Million) votes for last week, in a show which has recorded a total of 132,000,000 votes since inception.

Given that, the finalists who had a captivating rendition on Sunday, stimulating the judges and audience to a standing ovation, performed three songs each; one from the audition by participants that weren’t shortlisted for the show; the second were songs chosen for them by the judges, who felt it was one of their best performances; and the third were songs selected by themselves.

From Left: Judges, host, and finalists on Bigi powered Nigerian Idol Season 8 during the live show on Sunday, 9 July, 2023

Precious Mac’s rendition of Adele’s ‘Rolling in The Deep’ from a pool of auditions that weren’t properly done, was wonderfully performed that the judges and audience applauded her with Simi saying “It was captivating, while D’banj and Asika affirmed that it was incredible.

Her second song, Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” chosen for her by Simi got D’banj enticed with him saying she has a powerful voice, and further encouraging her said “You are born a musical star,” followed by Asika, who praised her to sustain the tempo till the end of the show.

Indeed, her performance of “Overloading (Overdose) by Ayra Starr shook the stage, and with excitement and a standing ovation, the judges confirmed she did very well.

Also, Victory Gbakara did his first act with the song “It’s A Man’s World” by James Brown, which was poorly done by another participant during the audition process, with D’banj attesting to his good vocal, saying “Your performance was excellent, from the beginning to the end was entertaining,” while Asika stated “That was incredible”: and Simi “That was captivating.”

It was followed by the song chosen for him by D’banj, “My Redeemer Lives” by Nicole C Mullen. His act was greeted with Asika’s “Your Voice is Special.” Simi’s “That was Wonderful,” and D’banj’s “I know you will do the song perfectly; hence l chose it for you”, and jokingly he said “While you were singing, the anointing dropped,” which aroused laughter from the audience.

His last song, “As it was” by “Harry Styles” got D’banj’s “You have the swag, l must greet you specially,” Asika’s “Your energy and vocal for the three songs were quite amazing,” while Simi affirmed, ” I am really happy to experience you, you are a good singer.”

Commending the singers for their acts, the host, IK Osakioduwa, admonishes fans to vote for them till Friday, as the heated contest would see a winner with the highest votes, as anxiety on who wins mounts.

Proudly powered by Nigeria’s favourite soft drink brand, Bigi, the show is aired every Sunday on DStv Channel 197 and GOtv Channel 11 (Magic Showcase).








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