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 No passenger was left stranded at Port Harcourt Airport

No passenger was left stranded at Port Harcourt Airport

No passenger was left stranded at Port Harcourt Airport


 We are aware of a recent video/story circulated by Sahara Reporters alleging that passengers were left stranded at the Port Harcourt Airport under our care. It is imperative that we provide clarity on this matter to rectify any misconceptions.

 In the evening of Tuesday, March 2, 2024, our flight W3 744 Lagos-Port Harcourt was compelled to make an air return due to adverse weather conditions, specifically heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in Port Harcourt.

 Consequently, both the Lagos-Port Harcourt (W3 744) and Port Harcourt – Lagos (W3 745) flights had to be cancelled.

 It is crucial to note that by the time of the cancellation, our banking facilities at the airport had ceased operations, rendering funds unfeasible at that moment.

 However, the passengers were promptly briefed on the situation and advised to return the following day for re-protection on available flights.

 On Wednesday, March 3, 2024 all the affected passengers from both Lagos and Port Harcourt were successfully accommodated on available morning and evening flights.

 Contrary to Sahara Reporters’ claim, no single passenger was left stranded at Port Harcourt Airport. The video footage in question likely captured a moment of agitation among some passengers.

 We emphasize that at Arik Air, safety is our foremost priority. Despite operating modern aircraft, we maintain a strict policy to avoid flying in inclement weather conditions, which necessitated the cancellation of the affected flight.

 We extend our sincere apologies to our valued customers whose travel plans were disrupted by this unforeseen circumstance.


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